JOMEC joins hands with Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers to jointly explore future mobility!

JOMEC has long adhered to the corporate vision of “being committed to shaping a better future life", has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, has conducted in-depth research on future concept mobility, participated in and led the development of multiple forward-looking projects and cutting-edge technologies such as Metaverse Research and development, with a complete software and hardware team and cross-border supply chain resources. Invited as the co-organizer of the 2022 "Creative & Made in China" Car Design Competition. This competition is an annual national automobile design competition, officially guided by the Shanghai Municipal Government (Shanghai Science and Technology Association),  together with Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society witness the love of the future generation for automobile design and the exploration of young experience design.

The theme of the "Creativity·Made in China" activity is aimed at "Explore the beautiful travel space in the future", which is in line with JOMEC's corporate vision. Hope through the power of competition,  helps outstanding potential automobile design talents stand out and become the main force for future China's dream of becoming an automobile power.


Huang Bin, Burt, known as "Huang yao shi in the car field" a front-line leader in the field of domestic car design, is currently the co-founder of JOMEC and the general manager of the styling center. He was invited as an expert judge for this competition. During the competition, Burt gave fair and sincere comments and guidance to the contestants, and the seriousness and focus on car design also will be passed on to the younger generation of designers. Burt said that he saw hope for the future of Chinese car design in this competition. He enjoyed communicating design ideas with young designers, helped designers discover a better version of themselves, and made greater contributions to China's future car design.


Yan Ting,Tim, visiting associate professor at China Academy of Art and general manager of JOMEC Smart Cockpit, was also invited as an expert judge of this competition. With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive design industry. Tim also said at the conference that the company's current goal is to create international top-level original designs while attracting top design talents. He hopes that through this competition, more outstanding automotive design talents can be discovered and contribute to China's automotive design industry. 

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Many young auto designers participated in the "Creativity · Made in China" design competition. They came from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, Nanjing University of the Arts, Weilai Automobile, Jiangling Motors, Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute and other universities and well-known car companies.

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Through this competition, it is believed that these young designers will gain a lot in metaverse and future travel concepts, creative design, and inspiration. Together with JOMEC, they will use their infinite imagination to explore a better travel space in the future.

JOMEC has the advantages of automotive design industry resources, a complete supply chain system, an international modeling design team, an engineering R&D team, and rich expert resources. The high-quality projects of various new technologies reveal JOMEC's more forward-looking perspective on the automotive industry. The company is moving forward more comprehensively. In the future, JOMEC will continue to cultivate more excellent automobile design talents for society, hoping to make useful explorations for the cultivation of Chinese automobile design talents and contribute to the development of China's automobile industry!

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