We provide comprehensive and professional consulting services on mobile transportation tools to our customers, including vehicle development process, vehicle research and development, vehicle architecture planning, architecture development and other consulting services; vehicle manufacturing planning, manufacturing strategy consulting services; automotive big data analysis and application consulting services; new energy power system research and development, planning, strategy consulting services; intelligent transportation technology and frontier research and development consulting services; national laws and regulations related to new energy vehicles; industry specification consultation and planning consultation.

Perceived Quality

At present, perceived quality has gradually developed into the main means of evaluating a vehicle. Customers can make subjective evaluation of perceived quality in terms of reliability, responsiveness, assurance, care and tangibility. Designers can grasp customer needs more comprehensively and accurately, and effectively meet and improve customer experience. Guided by customer needs, designers innovate and optimize product details to improve the user experience from visual, auditory, tactile and impression related to the comprehensive, smooth realization of physical perception quality objectives, as well as interface and interaction design, improve the emotional perception quality objectives; Make the process into elegant, clean and in the feel, sound and appearance of the overall pursuit of the design treatment, so that the quality of the vehicle itself beyond its expectations.


From design to practice, from concept to realization, JOMEC is inseparable from a complete styling development service system and experienced design talents. Engineering based on lean manufacturing concepts is applied to the design of production lines and equipment to achieve high efficiency, reliability and operability, which is what JOMEC is striving for. JOMEC helps customers achieve a complete set of integrated manufacturing systems, ensure the process design from quality control, synchronous engineering in vehicle development stage to in-station quality, to achieve high quality objectives in vehicle assembly process.


JOMEC has a professional engineering design team from large domestic OEMs and mainstream design companies, relying on the industry expert resources, process system and abundant model database; and including general layout, body in white, interior and exterior trim, chassis, electronics, CAE analysis and other complete vehicle engineering development and design capabilities.

Prototype Vehicles

JOMEC has the trial production experience of more than 20 models, and at the same time has the authoritative network data resources at home and abroad (such as ACT, the largest domestic trial production technology forum platform, Topia and Phiaro, the largest trial production company in Asia). JOMEC is goning to build a new trial production and assembly base and other resources. Many foreign experts and experienced operators in the industry, as well as a set of mature mold design, development and processing system, ensure that the products can achieve high quality requirements, for the perfect presentation of the show car escort.

Show Car Fabrication

JOMEC provides show car fabrication services that meet the standards of international exhibitions, as well as new technology exhibitions such as professional customized standard intelligent cabin for research and technology exhibitions. JOMEC focuses on working out world-class high quality small scale and full-size static appearance display models, and full-function road show simulation experience show car models. By foreign experts on-site guidance, selection of high-quality materials, in accordance with strict technical requirements, through multiple meticulous process processing, patient carving, the pursuit of perfection, get rid of any subtle flaws, in order to ensure the perfect presentation of fashion, technology, products, applications and services being integrated into the show car.

Interactive Design

The abbreviation of Human Machine Interface is "human-machine Interface", through which users can systematically communicate with machines and perform perceptive operations. With the rapid development of science and technology and the deepening of automobile intelligence and network connection, HMI design can enter the current of the development of the times. In the future, our HMI design will focus on the overall experience of the user in the vehicle driving interior, bringing you a complete service experience, not only referring to the iteration of instruments, streaming media rearview mirror, central control screen, HUD and other display devices.


In order to meet the "personalized demands" of users, we are not only embracing the cutting-edge technology of the times, but also good at exploring the potential ideas of different consumers to express their true meaning and reveal their personal characteristics. So far, JOMEC has more than 20 models of prototype trial production experience, integration of existing international and domestic data network and design talent resources, through a variety of ways to empower, to meet your modified and high-end models of private customization demands.