JOMEC welcomed the executive vice Mayor of Liuzhou to lead the investigation team

JOMEC welcomed the executive vice Mayor of Liuzhou to lead the investigation team


In recent years, JOMEC has been thinking about how to expand new boundaries and lead the company to a better future. After continuous exploration, JOMEC has successfully expanded new business in the field of after-market products, robot industry and AI(artificial intelligence).

Last year, our company developed RV, pickup, modified car, special vehicle aftermarket products and service robot car these intelligent products. Among them, the AIR·R Airport robot service car was officially released in the 2020 Pudong Robot Industry High-Quality Development Conference. In the future, JOMEC will continue to develop, accumulate and apply the key core technologies of service robots, constantly improve the technical advantages, and enhance the overall robot design, development and mass production manufacturing capacity.

On March 2, 2021, the delegation composed of Hou Gang, Executive Vice Mayor of Liuzhou city; Jiang Qi, Deputy Secretary-General of Liuzhou City Government; He Peijun, 

Director of Liudong New District Management Committee, Lin Yan and other officers visited our company. JOMEC chairman Gao Weimin, CEO Yan Ting, Chief Engineer Xu Kangcong, Design Director Alex and other leaders received Mayor Hou and his delegation, and had discussions and exchanges with the visiting delegation.

As is known to all, Liuzhou is the largest and most important industrial city of Guangxi Province, based on the Pearl River-West River economic belt, connecting the north gulf economic zone, geared to the needs of Hong Kong and Macao and the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

There are Liuzhou Iron & Steel Group, Liugong, Wuling these famous companies in Liuzhou city, manufacturing capability is very complete, and the implementation of the strategy of "One Belt And One Road", pushing Liuzhou from "heartland" into "open frontier". JOMEC attaches great importance to the investigation team led by Mayor Hou, and hopes to take advantage of JOMEC's automotive design industry resources and perfect supply chain system to participate in the construction of Liuzhou as soon as possible. The project of Liuzhou subsidiary can be implemented as soon as possible, and contribute to the automobile industry of Liuzhou with practical actions.

Visit the R&D and Manufacturing Center

Mayor Hou and his delegation visited the company's Styling Center, Engineering Center, Manufacturing Center, VR Studio, confidential workshop, sample processing and fabrication factory, etc. Mayor Hou was deeply impressed by JOMEC's excellent brand image, strong research and development capability and international design team.

 Conduct Discussion and Exchange Meeting

After the visit, JOMEC Chairman Gao Weimin and other leaders had a discussion and exchange meeting with Mayor Hou.

First, CEO Yan Ting gave a brief introduction about JOMEC intelligent robot modification and expansion research. By showing the integration of a variety of new technology high-quality projects, revealed JOMEC's more forward-looking perspective on the auto industry, as well as the international styling design team, engineering research and development team and abundant expert resources. At present, the company is developing towards a more comprehensive direction, mainly focuses on the after-market product, robot industry and AI field.

Chairman Gao Weimin mentioned that Guangxi Province is on the leading edge of the exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN, JOMEC hopes that Liuzhou subsidiary could combine its auto industry resource, complete supply chain and other important advantages together, to build a world-class scientific and technological benchmarking enterprise of automotive and vehicle development,  to better serve ASEAN and the international market.

Mayor Hou stressed that as the largest industrial city in Guangxi Province, Liuzhou has been highly involved in the "One Belt & One Road" construction. As intelligent manufacturing industry project is the key project of Liuzhou city's investment promotion, Liuzhou government will be fully aware of company's demand, offer timely help to JOMEC to promote its Liuzhou subsidiary project execution as soon as possible, to make more contribution to the development of regional economy.

Thanks to Liuzhou government leaders' support and encouragement, JOMEC has been well prepared for JOMEC Liuzhou Subsidiary. In the future, JOMECers will never forget the original aspiration, unswervingly seek faith of development, maintain the power of continuous forwarding, seize the opportunity, usher in a better tomorrow.