JOMEC hosted the 2021 Spring Festival Annual Meeting

JOMEC hosted the 2021 "Start together, Work together, Create Brilliance together" Spring Festival Annual Meeting

2021“一起出发、同心创业、共铸辉煌”JOMEC 新春年会(图1)

At 17:08 on January 24, 2021, JOMEC held the 2021 "Start together, Work together, Create Brilliance together" Spring Festival Annual Meeting in Courtyard Hotel. JOMEC, partners and colleagues in the industry welcomed the arrival of the Chinese New Year with happiness and joy.

TIM, CEO of JOMEC, made a speech at the 2021 annual meeting with the theme of "Start together, Work together, Create Brilliance together". The achievements of JOMEC in the past year and the direction of the future are deeply interpreted.

TIM has a strong passion and a deep dedication to the automotive design industry. He reviewed the company's hard struggle since 2017 and fully affirmed the striving spirit of JOMECers in the past years.

Looking forward to 2021, Tim points out that we need to develop into an international innovative enterprise. The road ahead is unknown, as an auto design brand, regardless of technology or design, it requires high standard of innovation, vigorous creativity, passionate talents,  start together, work together, create Brilliance together.

The company honored 18 outstanding employees who made outstanding achievements in various tasks in 2021. They are typical representatives of JOMEC who have made outstanding contributions to the development and growth of JOMEC. They are pioneers of JOMEC who have achieved excellent results in their respective positions. They are role models for all departments and employees of JOMEC.

A hard work, a harvest, hardworking will yield fruitful results. They won the honor, and  paid hard sweat. Let's extend our warm congratulations to these 18 outstanding employees.

The Annual Meeting provides a stage for JOMECers who are handsome and talented to show themselves and their team. All employees compete to show their talents and skills. The programs of the annual meeting are wonderful and climax one after another, showing the positive spiritual outlook and colorful cultural life. Round after round of prize draw, several rounds of games interspersed with funs, constantly set off the climax of the annual meeting, singing, applause, cheering all the meeting.

Wonderful artistic performance starts in the rhythm and swaying dance. The brilliant stage lighting, beautiful singing, wonderful programs, as well as a variety of performances that directly shock our senses, the applause and cheers all along. 

Shi's "girl" lit the enthusiasm explosion at first glance, combination of dance "Flower Escort" and hongqiao four beauties affectionately reciting "Believe in the Future"; in addition to the engineering department Wei Shilin's song "Little Lucky", ditigal department Wang Yuyan's song "Run", HR Mei Jing's song "Getting Better and Better", wonderful singing makes people fully engaged. Zhang Yihan, purchasing department, his passionate solo dance presented a strong visual shock and received audience cheers constantly.

Four rounds of prize draw were set up in this annual meeting, with one grand prize, one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes. Colleagues were so happy to get these prizes, and bless the winning colleagues good luck for a whole year!

Is this the end? In order to reward colleagues, TIM decided to give them extra money when he came on stage. The numbers on the big screen began to roll. As TIM shouted stop, the lucky one was born. Other colleagues have been staring at their phones, lest they miss the wave of red envelopes.

Toasting, blessing, smiles, expectations, passions, full of happiness and harmony among the annual meeting; 

This year's efforts will pay off, and next year's celebration dinner will be held! Colleagues, with this happy mood, with our sincere blessing, together to meet a better tomorrow! I wish you all good luck in the New Year!

JOMEC is a professional automobile technology service company, committed to the creative field of technology development work, in the current knowledge explosion stage, we will meet the opportunities and challenges with new ideas and management.

In this new era, it is JOMEC's basic strategy for brand establishment and development to seize the development opportunities in the field of creative industry, grow together with enterprises and employees, and build a century-old brand with the "spirit of contract". It is also the company's long-term goal.

JOMEC is a group full of vitality and hope, and will face challenges and opportunities. The development of the company needs everyone's joint efforts. The growth of the company depends on your growth to achieve; The growth of employees, and to rely on the platform, the company will do our best to for everyone to create a broader space, provide working platform of openness, fairness and justice, as well as and friendly, cooperative, open, positive work environment, also hope that every employee can play a greater potential for our company, to create greater value, to achieve the goal of win-win between employees and enterprises.